Solutions for Project Organizations

A project, by definition is a temporary activity with a starting date, specific goals and conditions, multiple parties, an adequate planning, a strict budget and a fixed end date. Project organizations strive to achieve the proper results within time and without overruns.

Paperiton can supply your company with a perfect solution to support all your project documentation, related to your project data. The project folder generator is just one of the samples to make life a lot easier. This not only improves the quality of the project files, but also reduces the number of manual actions for the user. No more guessing or random field filling to arrange for metadata. The document properties can be directly derived from your ERP or financial system.

Your project team members can work together from wherever they are whenever they like with the exact set of documents they need for the job, without jeopardizing the security of these documents. All parties involved can benefit by using Paperiton DMS Embedded. Just “dropping” documents to a project file via the internet is no longer a miracle but an easy way to proceed. Emails with huge enclosures are no longer needed. Paperiton DMS provides standard Office integration and drag & drop for emails in Outlook as well. Paperiton DMS can also be used as DMS plug-in to Microsoft SharePoint 2007 and 2010.

Project and document history can help your organization to substantiate audits. When a project is finished, the project file can be closed and automatically moved to the electronic project archive. Project information is still available whenever needed. All knowledge documents are there for the user as an easy reference or as samples for new projects.

For Paperiton the user is the most important player in the game. Therefore a lot of features are user specific and can be set exactly to the needs. Paperiton DMS supports personal:

With these all users become happy users as they have the exact tools to work faster and more efficient.